Webcomics - TDOR 2010

The Webcomics Project for the 2010 Transgender Day of Remembrance represents a revival of the project previously hosted by Jenn Dolari at her website. After the project was discontinued there in 2009 it was picked up and moved to its current home.

Unlike previous years the 2010 Project did not have a specific theme. Participants were encouraged to submit any type of work they felt appropriately represented the message of the Day of Remembrance.


'Brenda' ● Wanchai Tongwijit ● Mariah Malina Qualls
Estrella (Jose Angel) Venegas ● 'Wong' ● Myra Chanel Ical
'Derya Y.' ● Fevzi 'Aycan' Yener ● 'Dino'
Amanda Gonzalez-Andujar ● Toni Alston
Ashley Santiago Ocasio ● 'Azra'
Dana A. 'Chanel' Larkin ● Angie González Oquendo
Sandy Woulard ● Roy Antonio Jones III
Imperia Gamaniel Parson ● 'Gypsy' ● Victoria Carmen White Justo Luis González García ● 'Irem' ● Stacey Blahnik
Emanuelly Colaço Taborda

...and those whose names we'll never know


Boolean Union Studios

Boolean Union Studios

by Boolean Union



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Boys in Dresses

R. Draconis

by R. Draconis




Brad O'Donnell

Submission Pending

by Brad O'Donnell





High Maintenance

Submission Pending

by Angel Von-Krum





Khaos Komix

Khaos Komix

by Tab Kimpton






Trans Girl Diaries

Trans Girl Diaries

by Evelyn Poor